Why Newton Fostering

During my work (I am working at the industry more than 35 years) I met a lot of people, entrepreneurs with excellent ideas who wish to open a business, write a patent on their ideas and dream about making a lot of money. The statistic clearly shows that almost all of them will lose money from their excellent ideas.


Because they are not aware of the whole process expecting them on the way to realization of their vision. Therefore, they are not running the process but they are being run by it. Why aren’t they aware of the process? Because they get a very narrow minded consultancy. Consultancy which takes into consideration the immediate interests of the advisor and not the long term interests of the customer. I belief that at the very first meeting, when the entrepreneurs exposed to the complete process, which required to realize and commercialize the idea, they come to understand that they need to do it in rational, logical controlled way, together with us. What kind of business? When? How? When to write a patent? When not to? What are the real costs of the process? What is the importance of the timing in the process? And much more…

When you see the complete process you face, you can cleverly plan your steps ahead and allocate the (limited, being honest) resources you have to the right time and place in order to achieve your goals and realize your vision. That is where Newton fostering comes in and does the work.